At Tiger-Rock we believe in training for our journey both as a martial artist and a citizen. The 15 levels of our belt rank system symbolize the steps we take to develop the skills that allow us to RISE to every occasion, transforming the world for good.

Like most things in life we must first CHOOSE the path that we are willing to take and COMMIT to see the journey through until the end.

We must maintain the desire to GROW both personally and professionally. We can accomplish this by maintaining our FOCUS on the right people and information, being confident to BELIEVE in our own ambitions, and PRACTICE the actions that move us in the right direction.

We must mark the progress of our journey as we ACHIEVE different milestones. We must CHALLENGE our own limitations, COMPETE for the opportunities to shine, and never forget to take the time to EVALUATE our actions as they relate to our goals.

We must not blindly follow the crowd but instead DISTINGUISH ourselves and our mission. We must avoid bias as we OBSERVE our environment, taking time to RECOGNIZE the challenges and RESPOND with the proper solutions.

Along this journey we must not only look to improve our lives but INFLUENCE others to do the same. We must COLLABORATE to find common ground, INSPIRE to bring hope, and DEMONSTRATE through our own actions that we can indeed reach our destination.

While our journey is long and has many obstacles, our training provides us with opportunities, abilities, and responsibilities to TRANSFORM the world around us. It is what we do with this training through action that will ultimately determine just how high our RISE can be.

Experience the 15-Step Advantage Get Started with our try out program! Get 3 classes and a on the mat uniform.

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we offer every prospective martial arts student to enroll in our $38.00 try out Course. The purpose of this starter course will allow you and us to see how well martial arts will fit into your life. By enrolling in the Introductory Course you will be able to:
  • Check out our facilities
  • Take 3 world-class martial arts lessons
  • Receive an "on the mat" training uniform!
  • Engage with the instructors
  • See how well you or your child will fit in our programs.
Please select your program(s) of interest below to register for the Introduction Course. A Tiger-Rock staff member will contact you shortly after you enroll. All payments are handled securely through PayPal.

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